ACCELERATE Green and Sustainable Sourcing Strategies

ACCELERATE Thesis program
We are now launching ACCELERATE, a new thesis program within Volvo Group in Sweden, which offers an excellent way to build relationships for the future.
You will be part of building tomorrows innovative transport solutions together with teams of passionate people and get the opportunity to combine theory with practice. For the program participants we can offer you to write a Master or Bachelor thesis and grow with us through product experience sessions and development activities.
You apply by filling in your personal details in the system and attach your resume. We also want you to attach your personal cover letter where we would like you to tell us why you are interested in joining the program and write your thesis for The Volvo Group. If you are two students who want to apply together, please upload both resumes and a common cover letter.
Background of thesis work
Volvo Construction Equipment, and the whole Volvo Group, has since long acknowledged that our products affect the environment through emissions. We know that we are part of the environmental challenge that is so widely discussed today. However, we also strongly believe that we are part of the solution. Volvo Group has been engaged in several initiatives over the years to raise awareness of environmental challenges and tried to impact the industry by our actions.
Today, in Volvo CE, we are developing machines with new technologies with the objective to reduce, or even remove, harmful emissions. New concepts have been proven in projects like the Electric Site under our purpose ”To build the world we want to live in”. We believe we need to change, we believe that it is up to us!
Through the development and deployment of Sourcing Strategies, Volvo CE Purchasing is striving to implement a supply chain that is competitive in terms of quality, delivery and cost. Based on the needs we have as an organization, these strategies should bring a business benefit, a competitive edge.
It is a priority for Volvo CE to adopt a sustainable mindset across the value chain to deliver clean, productive and innovative products and services to customers – and a better world to society.
With the higher expectations raised on sustainability and environmental care, we would like to know if we have the right approach and mindset in our tools and processes for sourcing activities, strategies and decision making.
Description of thesis work and deliverables
As Volvo CE is doing business on a global market place with customers, suppliers and own production in most parts of the world, the creation and implementation of sourcing strategies that brings a competitive edge is challenging.
Add to that all new technologies and the challenges we have to fight the environmental impact and increasing sustainability awareness from all members of society, the task gets complex.
In this Master Thesis we want you to work with questions like:
  • How can we visualize sustainability and environmental care as a benefit and competitive edge in our strategies and business cases?
  • Can we be both commercially competitive and deliver on sustainability and environmental requirements, or is there even a contradiction?
We believe that your work include, but will not be limited to, following actions:
  • Analysis of the tools Volvo CE use today for sourcing strategies, business case analysis and other related documents within sustainability, including the new Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Benchmark with rest of Volvo Group and relevant external organizations
  • Academic review
  • Review of current laws and regulations as well as review of future predictions
  • End customer behavior/expectations
  • Analysis of possible re-use or recycling of materials we source
  • Interviews with stakeholders within Volvo CE, Volvo Group and external
  • Recommendation for future work in this field
Your final report should be your proposal to Volvo CE Purchasing on how we can make “Right First Time” business decisions that are commercially competitive and take environment and sustainability in consideration. We want you to present your final Thesis report to our Global Purchasing Leadership Team.
Suitable background:
Master in industrial management, sustainability, economics or similar.
Thesis Level:
Starting date:
Number of students


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Volvo Construction Equipment is a global company driven by passion, curiosity and by our purpose: to build the world we want to live in. We believe that only through imagination and teamwork can we develop a world that is cleaner, smarter and more connected. Our company culture reflects this belief through the care and trust it places in our customers, employees and suppliers. People are at the heart of our business. It is through our strong network of talented, enquiring and innovative minds that we have been able to pave the way towards a more sustainable future. The global construction industry is our arena and our employees are our greatest assets.

We can only continue to stand out as industry leaders through the people driving us forwards. Come be a part of our team and help us build tomorrow.








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