BAC+5 // Development of scalable vehicle // (H/F)

POWERTRAIN STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT (VOLVO GROUP TRUCKS TECHNOLOGY) is the center of advanced engineering and research for the Volvo groups future powertrain products. Fuel economy and emission reduction are beside safety the core areas of development and strong effort has been put on modeling and simulation to evaluate and secure these features in earlier project phase.

We are proposing a final master thesis internship of six months within the Powertrain Strategic Development department of Powertrain Engineering in the team supporting the development of the vehicle Global Simulation Platform to enable complete vehicle simulations for advance control development, feature evaluation and optimization (energy consumption, drivability…) of conventional, hybrid or electric vehicles.

This master thesis will focus on electrified/electric auxiliary systems modeling and simulation for early phase vehicle level energy consumption analysis considering representative conditions of operations (drive cycles). A particular focus will be done in this internship on electric trucks for multipurpose applications (refuse, distribution with/without fridge…).

The objective is first to benchmark and evaluate different modeling approaches for auxiliary loads modeling for vehicle level simulation (empirical models based on test/simulation data, functional or physical models based on first principles, co-simulation with third party software or any other relevant alternatives …). In a second step, the objective is to develop and evaluate models of a set of auxiliary systems (with different levels of fidelity) and integrate these models in VOLVO Global Simulation Platform for vehicle level energy consumption analysis. Preliminary control scenario will be initiated in order to evaluate possible impact reduction of auxiliary loads on vehicle energy consumption.

The candidate is in his final year of studies in mechatronic engineering (Master) and has founded experience in :

• 0D/1D Mathematical modeling

• Multi-physical modeling, vehicle simulation

• Thermal, thermodynamics, hydraulic, …

• System simulation tools (Matlab/Simulink, Amesim, ...)


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