O2C Senior Accountant, ACC Japan

Reports to

O2C Manager

Mission/purpose of the job
Keep and secure the accounting quality in O2C area in both Account Receivables and Cash & Bank, provide financial reports which are related to O2C at good and efficient level.
Scope (Local, Sub Regional, Regional, Global)
and influence (Internal or External, Shared or Divergent)

Accounting services in legal UD Trucks
Key responsibilities / accountabilities
1. Team management with good teamwork
2. Manage Period end closing time plan (cooperation with and communication to all stakeholder)
3. Secure high quality in the closing of all ledgers which is related to O2C processes.
4. Accounting service for O2C areas and daily cooperation with UD trucks partners regarding:
- Secure Allocation of incoming payment together with Nanhai team.
- Book and issue the sundry invoices in a good quality.
- Secure the payment process which includes Bank account and balances and banking system etc.
5. Participate in various type of projects for various purposes (New system, Process improvement etc.)
Key targets and results
On-time closing in O2C areas with the right quality.
Preferred educational and/or training qualifications and certificates

1. University degree, bachelor as a minimum.
Preferred experience and knowledge
1. Experience in accounting and financial processes.
2. Good accounting knowledge and enough business knowledge
3. Effective communication skill in both internally and externally.
4. Good team management skill
5. Professional attitude, reliable
6. Must be well organized and self-starter
7. Independently Interacting with other department to resolve queries.
8. Problem solving skills
9. Good SAP knowledge
10. Good in written and speaking English are preferable
Necessary technical/functional/language skills
1. Good knowledge of MS Office
2. Enough experience of Master Finance


ボルボ・グループは、ボルボ、ルノー・トラック、マック、UDトラックス、アイシャー、SDLG、Terex Trucks、Prevost、Nova Bus、UD Bus、Sunwin Bus、ボルボ・ペンタ等のブランドを擁する、トラック、バス、建設機械、船舶用・工業用エンジンの世界有数のメーカーです。
UDトラックス and JVsは世界60か国以上で先進的な輸送ソリューションを提供する日本の商用車メーカーあり、大型・中型・小型車の開発・製造・販売を行っています。私たちのトラックはより遠くまで走る燃費効率と、より長く稼働するアップタイムを実現し、お客様に貢献します。
私たちの8,000人の従業員は、情熱を持ち、お互いに信頼し、変化を受け入れて、パフォーマンスを追求し続けます。 私たちはお客様およびビジネスパートナーの成功のために常に「その一歩先へ」を考えることを忘れません。








採用者が決定したことは全ての候補者に通知されます。 あなたは私たちのデータベースにあなたの履歴書を保存して、あなたのプロフィールにマッチする他の仕事を探すことが出来ます。